Welcome to Ciara’s Tots

cb_2The underlying aim of Ciara’s Tots Private Day Nursery is to provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment catering for the needs of each individual child.

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial to his or her future development. In no other five years of life is there such an enormous rate of development, hence, we do not take lightly our role in the care of your child. We want you to feel happy and secure when you leave your child in our care.

Our commitment to you as a parent is to :

• Provide a warm, friendly, happy environment where each child is encouraged to reach their full potential through praise, sensitivity and mutual respect.

• Develop a reputation for a well organised, aesthetically pleasing environment, where you will be happy to leave your child, knowing they will receive the love, reassurance and security they require at this young age.