Helping You Decide

When you visit the nursery, the Manager or Deputy Manager will be delighted to show you around the building and talk to you in detail about the care and facilities provided.

  • The children are cared for in groups according to age. However, this margin is flexible to ensure that no child is held back or moved up into another group until they are completely ready.
  • You are encouraged to let staff know details of your child’s routine, special dietary requirements, likes and dislikes and anything else that you may think is important. There will always be a member of the team available to tell you about your child’s day.
  • All children are treated as individuals and encouraged to develop at their own pace. We also follow strict guidelines on equality, and celebrate the cultural diversity of our children. We adopt the same approach when dealing with parents/carers,’ religious and personal beliefs.
  • Discipline is approached in a positive manner. We reward and encourage children to behave in an acceptable way and to care and respect each other. Smacking or the use of punishment is strictly prohibited.