Physical Development

Physical development is actively encouraged at Ciara’s Tots Private Day Nursery and to reinforce the importance of ‘exercise’ we have deployed a ‘sport specific’ programme for our children.  The ‘Playmakers’ programme is tailored towards each stage of the child’s physical and mental development, working specifically around five main topics (balance, co-ordination, ball skills, target-based games and communication).  The overall programme is designed to allow children to express themselves freely as individuals whilst participating in a group environment.

Likewise, we employ a ‘Dance Teacher’ to fortify our commitment to physical development. The dance curriculum is designed to enable children to participate in dance activities that are developmentally appropriate, helping to facilitate the learning of dance through skills at a later age.  It helps to capture and nurture young children’s instinctive joy of movement and freedom of expression.

Photographs of the children having fun following the programmes are displayed in the ‘Gallery’ section.